Business Advisory & Accounting

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1. Are you an IRD registered tax agent?

Yes, we have been an IRD registered tax agent since 2004.

2. Do you have relationships with other business professionals such as lawyers and bankers?

Yes, we have established good relationships with a number of lawyers and bankers and are happy to refer you to a suitable contact when required.

3. You have some specialist services that I would like to use, but I want to keep my current accountant for ongoing work. Could that work?

Yes, we are happy to work alongside your current accountant. However for ethical reasons we prefer they are aware of the scope of our engagement.

4. Australia is a potential growth area for our business. Do you have experience and contacts there?

We have worked in Australia and carried out many assignments there. We understand that environment and can refer you to suitable legal and accounting specialists in most major cities.

5. Are you prepared to travel to carry out an assignment?

Subject to other commitments we are happy to travel to meet your needs.

6. What are your costs?

Our rates are based on the complexity of the assignment and the skill, experience and care required to complete it to an appropriate professional standard. We will discuss these and agree them with you before starting on any assignment.